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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Willing to DIE vs Fighting to LIVE

Through out the history of mankind,people have been fighting for what they believe in. Everyone has their own beliefs, religions, principles and rights. I've notice that some people will fight and die for their cause, while others will only fight and refuse to die. In Christianity we are no longer our own selves but of CHRIST. But nevertheless their are many conditional Christians who still fight for their rights and desires. It is written in the WORD of God, that "better is the end of a thing then the beginning of one". Living is not always life and dying isn't always death. I say that for a reason because many people who are living their own life are DYING and those who are dying to them selves are really LIVING. That is the lifestyle of a true believer, which is simply dying to live. Out in the world people refuse to serve CHRIST because they know that their will could no longer be. To surrender means slow death to survive means fighting to live. If JESUS died so we can live then it is fair to say that we must die in order to live. I know this may seems some what confusing, but this may be the very reason people choose their own paths. Because they do not understand the one they were meant to take. So if you find yourself LIVING the life you want and not DYING for the life that CHRIST wants you to live. Then it is safe to say that those who are willing to die are actually the ones fighting to live. Follow CHRIST and leave your old ways behind by picking up your cross.

Friday, April 20, 2012


I have covered the subjects of TIME and TRUST. Now I will be writing about the TRANSFORMATION of a disciple. When ever you train, teach or just simply help someone, there will have to be a transformation. If no one ever learned anything their teacher taught them then that teacher will lose their job. In the same way if I was to call myself a discipler then there most be fruit in existence. Being effective means that you put in a lot of effort to see what you want to come to pass. I once heard that "if you call yourself a leader and no one is following you then you are just taking a long walk". The guys that I am discipling are changing fast and wants more of God. To fulfill your position as a leader, your authority has to be evident. Because anyone can say they are a leader but if no one listen to you then you are mistaken. In order to make disciples you will need three things, TIME, TRUST and TRANSFORMATION. I spend TIME with the men's home, they began to TRUST me and then I can start seeing a TRANSFORMATION taking place. This is what I call DISCIPLESHIP at it's best. Please read my Discipleship series and apply them in your disciples lives.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


In my last teaching I wrote about taking time to disciple people. Giving our time to a complete stranger makes them feel special. Remember that taking someone under your wing a lot of your TIME is required. I will be furthering my course on discipleship, only this time TRUST will be the next key to effective discipleship. As Christians we should be trustworthy by nature. Do to so many accusations against the church people look at us as hypocrites. Our proclaims to be ambassadors of CHRIST has lost it's credibility. Hope is not lost for those who decides to come to CHRIST. They probably were the ones who talked bad about God's people. Now since that person comes to church and a leader begans to take time to disciple them trust is the next issue. When I first got saved no one ever took the time to disciple me. I felt like I was isolated from other believers. One guy finally showed me the basics of following CHRIST. He always spent time with me but that didn't mean I trusted him because I didn't know him. We began to share our past to one another, and he watched me to see if I did anything he taught me. I also began to watch him to see if he was doing the things he told me to do. He was the real deal I knew I could trust a man of his word and actions. TIME opens the door to get to know each other, TRUST opens the windows to look at each other in a whole new way. Building relationships with new comers in your church makes them feel welcome and like family. So ask yourself are you spending TIME and building TRUST with your fellow sisters and brothers?