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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Willing to DIE vs Fighting to LIVE

Through out the history of mankind,people have been fighting for what they believe in. Everyone has their own beliefs, religions, principles and rights. I've notice that some people will fight and die for their cause, while others will only fight and refuse to die. In Christianity we are no longer our own selves but of CHRIST. But nevertheless their are many conditional Christians who still fight for their rights and desires. It is written in the WORD of God, that "better is the end of a thing then the beginning of one". Living is not always life and dying isn't always death. I say that for a reason because many people who are living their own life are DYING and those who are dying to them selves are really LIVING. That is the lifestyle of a true believer, which is simply dying to live. Out in the world people refuse to serve CHRIST because they know that their will could no longer be. To surrender means slow death to survive means fighting to live. If JESUS died so we can live then it is fair to say that we must die in order to live. I know this may seems some what confusing, but this may be the very reason people choose their own paths. Because they do not understand the one they were meant to take. So if you find yourself LIVING the life you want and not DYING for the life that CHRIST wants you to live. Then it is safe to say that those who are willing to die are actually the ones fighting to live. Follow CHRIST and leave your old ways behind by picking up your cross.

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  1. Amen brother! Excellent point to remember! Thanks Parise!


    Ray Lovett, President
    Gotta Lovett Promotions