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Thursday, April 19, 2012


In my last teaching I wrote about taking time to disciple people. Giving our time to a complete stranger makes them feel special. Remember that taking someone under your wing a lot of your TIME is required. I will be furthering my course on discipleship, only this time TRUST will be the next key to effective discipleship. As Christians we should be trustworthy by nature. Do to so many accusations against the church people look at us as hypocrites. Our proclaims to be ambassadors of CHRIST has lost it's credibility. Hope is not lost for those who decides to come to CHRIST. They probably were the ones who talked bad about God's people. Now since that person comes to church and a leader begans to take time to disciple them trust is the next issue. When I first got saved no one ever took the time to disciple me. I felt like I was isolated from other believers. One guy finally showed me the basics of following CHRIST. He always spent time with me but that didn't mean I trusted him because I didn't know him. We began to share our past to one another, and he watched me to see if I did anything he taught me. I also began to watch him to see if he was doing the things he told me to do. He was the real deal I knew I could trust a man of his word and actions. TIME opens the door to get to know each other, TRUST opens the windows to look at each other in a whole new way. Building relationships with new comers in your church makes them feel welcome and like family. So ask yourself are you spending TIME and building TRUST with your fellow sisters and brothers?

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